Sunday, January 10, 2010

Revisit to Rawson

I can't let a season go by without a visit to Rawson Lake! Along with each season comes a different mode used for our movement. Although the trail was packed pretty firm and we could have conquered it wearing hikers or icers, today we went with snowshoes. That's what winter is all about anyway! Rawson is not the most challenging trek out there but it felt like loads of work for me which tells me I am not quite up to snuff on my fitness yet.

My last vist there was in September, just a mere four months prior. I thought it looked pretty spectacular that day! Wouldn't you agree?

In my opinion, I thought it looked quite amazing today! This is what I love about living in Western Canada. Spring and autumn can bring totally different looks then these. One place! Four looks! These are just two!

Every now and then, I took a detour off the beaten trail to feel the deep, soft, spongy snow. I tried to get others to follow but they were reluctant. Near the end I did convince a few to live on the edge with me. I hardly ever keep my eyes on the trail in front because you never know what you might see and I don't want to miss a thing. Sometimes it is the scenery peaking through the trees and other times it could be something lurking in the bushes. If you let your imagination run wild, you can spot some sights. I see what others don't! One of my buddies said its like in that movie The Sixth Sense where the character says "I see dead people!" Well, I saw a horse today!

On the return trip, with about 500 meters to go, we meandered off trail and followed the shoreline back to the trailhead. I'm glad the others came with me because we got to share in watching this fellow whiz across the frozen Upper Kananaskis Lake. I would love to try this one day!

This snowshoe trek was a short and sweet one and we had enough time to go for drinks and snacks afterwards to celebrate before driving back to the city! We had sunshine, no wind, the temperature hoovered around -3 Celsius which all contributed to what I forecasted to be a fun and fabulous day!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures - love the horse!

  2. FREEKING WOW!!! I LOVE the first photo!! WOW!!! Definitey a Wordless Wednesday if I've EVER seen one!!!

    Love your imagination....that horse is awesome!!

  3. Looks like you had a really nice day. Half of my group wore icers instead of snowshoes. I wanted to go off trail a bit, so I wore my snowshoes like you. I adore the UpperK Lake photo!!


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