Sunday, November 29, 2009

Running Log

It's still only 2009 but I am ready for 2010!  Well, only when it comes to recording my running mileage.  I received my running log from the other day.  You get to choose what you want on the front and because I don't have a good running shot of me, I picked a hiking picture.  This photo was taken on the top of Fairview Mountain near Lake Louise.  Even though it is not a running photo, it still embodies the idea of healthy lifestyle, enthusiasm and growing by pushing limits and going beyond comfort zones.  I will have to work on a running shot for the 2011 log.

This morning was the first time I ran since the Halloween Howl 10km on October 24th.  Well, unless you want to count Friday's run home from work in blizzard like weather wearing heels, suit, long coat, carrying a purse and small pack over my back with a pink silk scarf wrapped around my head.  When I think back, that must have looked pretty hilarious.   I don't care, I needed to get home!  For this morning's run, I purposely left my watch at home and just went for it.  It went fine, I did roughly 5km with a couple of stops for lights and a walk break or two.  Good thing at times I had the chinook winds at my back. Boy, I have a lot of work to do to get back up to snuff.  Good thing next weekend's run is short and a fun one.  I registered for the Salvation Army's 5km Santa Shuffle.


  1. That log looks really cool! I know what you mean about not running - I haven't gotten that many in since I got back from California and we are signed up for a race at the end of December. I need to get moving!

  2. Love the log, I'm going to check it out! Our Wooo Hooo's usually run the Santa Shuffle, but I'm not going to this year. Have a great time, it is for such a worthy cause.

  3. Although you didn't pick a running photo for your log, I think running is related to hiking.

    Have a good training.



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