Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day on a Mountain

It's time to remember and be thankful...

...and enjoying myself while doing so!

I couldn't let a day off work mid-week go to waste, so off to the mountains again. Prairie Mountain this time. Maybe it got its name because it looks like this on top. Flat for a good part and wide open. It was a slow grind to the top, through trees which allowed us a glimpse of scenery every now and then. The sun was shining, I was down to my long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up. Then! When we got above the tree line, old hell broke loose.
I quickly snapped a shot of downtown Calgary with my 10 X zoom then bundled up in all my layers. The winds howled, the driving snow and sleet beat on my face. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees.
For safety reasons and comfort, we retreated to the tree line. This is where we took shelter and had lunch waiting for old hell to pass. Once we saw the sky turn blue we headed back towards the summit.
This time we made it! Only! After a few summit shots the driving force started up again. I am actually holding onto the pole stuck in the cairn so I don't blow away. I forgot to pack bricks in my pockets.
Quite a bit of snow had come down and we found on our way down on the steep sections, the path had become slippery. I came prepared with my icers and they saved me.

Our Remembrance Day hike was a quick one over a short distance with loads of elevation.

Distance: 7.8 km
Time: 4:01
Starting Elevation: 1509 meters
Maximum Elevation: 2231 meters
Net Elevation: 722 meters
Total Elevation: 782 meters

We were parked right across the highway from Elbow Falls, it was only 3:30, no one wanted the day to end so we tacked on a little side trip. By now the sun was shining again. We followed the Elbow River for a short distance enjoying the scenery along the way.
I played with the super macro on my 9000. Soon this portion of the river will be frozen but today the leaf floated.
We strolled all the way to the Elbow Falls which were fiercely flowing.
I took the time to remember and be thankful to those who fought for our freedom which allows me to be able to enjoy days like this that are full of fun and beauty. Now its back to work for two days then off again to where I can feel like I am "on top of the world!"


  1. Your weather looks exactly like what we got on Junction Hill! What a day it was!!

  2. Great images of Elbow River. I think you enjoyed the landscape.

  3. Please keep that weather there, PLEASE!

    I haven't been to Elbow River in over 25 years...gorgeous location.


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