Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Moose is Loose...

...but very secure! Anything that wasn't tethered, secured, fastened or tied down would be lost on the Loose Moose. Our challenge today in reaching the Moose Mountain Lookout was not the distance nor the elevation, but the wind with gusts at times of up to 90 km/hour. Other things were lost though: a camera (mine), us!

Inukshuks not only show where you were they can show you where to go too! Even though the wind was tough to contend with at times, especially for someone of my stature, I would not have wanted it to be anything but that today, because it created mountain-scapes like this. This Inukshuk guides us to the Lookout.Once out of the trees, we could see nothing but wide open spaces with many mountain ranges in the far off distance. Also in the far off distance was our destination.
When I first got a glimpse at a closer range, I could only think, how the heck am I ever going to get up there! It looked so unapproachable. I just remembered that Adventure Designer said you can get up just about any mountain easier on the back side of it. In the meantime as we approached, I admired the scenery and was in awe of the snow formations made by the strong winds.
This photo I call from "Prairie Girl" to "Mountain Woman" which is suiting when you see from where I came behind me to where I am in the picture.
It's hard to believe that these snow formations are so high they are totally blocking my view of large mountains in the distance.
This looks more like a design you would see on the bald ass prairie. Parts of it were so solid, I could walk on it without sinking through. Other formations were so smooth and steep and straight that we sat and slide down.
This is the summit Scrambled Legs lead us to! Oh! Do tell I match the wind sock! This was on the backside of the Lookout where a few of us ventured to for mere seconds for fear of being blown off the side. We hunkered down on the veranda on the sheltered side of the Lookout to refuel. We were welcome here as the care-taker has vacated the site for the winter.
Lunch on the veranda was short! We ate! We took photos! We bundled up! We departed!

As usual, the trek back took less time and would have taken even less but due to my tom-foolery, some time was spent retracing steps looking for my camera. The search team spread out and thankfully my 9000 was spotted and rescued.

What was suppose to be a 14.6km trek, was 15.6km for us. We took a detour right from the get-go to get a far-off glimpse of our destination before attacking the long trek through the trees which would afford no views for a few kilometres. At least that is why I like to think we went where we did, and not because we were lost!

As wind was the challenge today so is pairing my 60CSX with my new MAC. I don't have an elevation chart to share with you and my google map is not the prettiest. Some stats I have to share are:

Distance: 15.6km
Time: 5:34
Starting Elevation: 1983 m
Maximum Elevation 2447 m
Total Elevation: about 780 meters

I will conquer this pairing just like we conquered the wind today! With determination, you can reach amazing places and Scrambled Legs took us to a place that made me feel like I was "on top of the world"!


  1. Can I say stunning and horrific in the same sentence? Stunning by which Mother Nature is truly amazing and wow,girl you are amazing.

    Can I say Horrific because there is that much snow in the mountains already and it is the beginning of November.

    You are a true outdoors girl and I thank you for your adventures.... as I read them from the warmth of my living room...with a glass of red wine.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful photo's!!!

  2. Ah, the Moose makes me smile! I enjoyed reading about your adventure to its peak.

    The hills I run back in the city seem so tiny in comparison, but we all have our journeys and summits, eh? Keeeeeep climbing!

  3. Wow, sounds like quite the day!! I had a more gentle snow- and wind-free hike that day.

  4. I think you enjoyed your challenge against the wind because you love outdoor life and andventures.
    You gave us beautiful images of the Moose Mountain.

  5. Once again great pictures and although I have been up here the weather was certainly more hospitable for my hike than for yours.


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