Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Old Goats

A glacier in the mountains is the perfect place to escape to on a hot day in the city! Old Goat Glacier was on my to-do list! G-Force had it on his to-do list too. The forecast is hot, the city crowded! Time to put our plan in place and head for the entrance to our escape. Old Goat Glacier is not well known so not frequented for that matter. We were not the only ones here today though. Another small group followed us. Also, he was here! Look closely in the photo to see the big old billy goat. From one old goat to another, the glacier is massive off in the distance.
This was a unique place to be! Like nothing on earth! At times I felt like this is what it could feel like to be on the moon or another planet. Once we completed the majority of the elevation, we arrived at a wide open canyon with a long ridge down the middle of it. We hiked the ridge which had glacier run off valleys far below us on either side. The valley on one side had the Old Goat Mountain as its wall, the other valley protected by a mountain wall of varying colors, patterns and heights. We continued on this ridge to the far end which took us into the depths of the glacier.
Now some of you may think these are more photos of two old goats! We would differ with you there and would put a challenge out to you and give you a run for your money, ooops I mean a hike for your money! That's me doing my summit jump and there I am with G-Force. So much for blending in, now you can't miss him, in his new brightly colored technical shirt.

It took some time for each of us to get our perfect summit jump shot. When a flurry of helicopters ducked down into the canyon, we took a break from jumping and kept our arms by our sides.I read that this could be an amazing hike if you don't do anything silly. I knew what that meant once I saw the crevasses in the glacier. They were dark and deep. We heard rock slides often. It was easy to tell how far stretched this glacier was with a large portion of it lightly covered in the fallen rock. Creeks ran through it and those looked dark and deep too.

  • Distance-wise, this hike amounted to being short.
  • Elevation-wise, this hike could be considered to have moderate accumulation.
  • Scenery-wise, this hike rates up there! Very high.
  • Lunch-wise, this hike affords a loooong one! That is if you had a day like we did. The sky was clear blue, the sun was bright, my thermometer registered 27 degrees and not even a breeze was to be felt. We leisurely lingered for two hours!
After our long lunch, we took a few more photos, admired the Glacier as the sun moved around to the west side and then headed for the exit of our escape.

How fortunate for us to get to see what we saw today and experience what we experienced! Being in this spectacular place, made me feel like I was "on top of the world!"


  1. Your thermometer went above 22 degrees? It must have been really hot then! Gorgeous photos, as always. :)

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    You have shown us another spectacular place.

    Next week I'll try to follow a half marathon training program.

    Good training to you.

  3. seriously you have some of the most amazing views when you got out for your runs and adventures I jsut love it!!

    love that your friends even tell you that you look high, it's an amazing compliment to realize you can kick your butt and look like it's a total blasts

  4. hey! wow those pics were really great!! i really love to do hiking and i am more interested now aftr seeing these pics! your really lucky to do all these!!


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