Saturday, September 5, 2009

If I Could Fly!

What better place to try then on a hiking adventure called "Birdwood Traverse"! High on the mountain pass, "Scrambled Legs" and I try to soar like the eagles! We were high off the ground for mere seconds, but high in the mountains for nearly ten hours. It all started with a creek crossing! I came prepared this time wearing my brand new lowriders which meant no slipping on rocks and no cold, numb feet. Even though the water came just below my knees, I could still feel its fast flowing force.
There are the usual things you see on a mountain hike! Usual, yes! Unusual, yes! In their own way! This waterfall that looks like twins, makes up in width what it lacks in length. When I look at this mountain face and part way down the front, it makes me think of a lava flow. We were very fortunate on route to our trail head to see this majestic moose up close and almost personal. Of all the lakes I have seen this summer, I don't think there have been two the same color.
I like to have my own kind of fun along the trails!! We came along this snow canopy. When I stretched, I could reach it. As I stood there, I felt the melting snow drip down on me (refreshing) and I saw a view of a mountain range in front of me framed by the edge of the snow canopy (freeze frame). "If I Could Fly!" I try and I try! If you have long legs and are limber, you can stand in Banff National Park and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park at the same time, just like me.
Just as our hike moves along slowly but surely, so does summer! You can see the golden color in the meadow and the early afternoon shadows on the mountains.
From the crimson and gold covering the rocky and rough mountain passes, to...

...mountains that seemed to have a golden color to themselves too!

A sure telltale sign though, that summer is moving on, is snow high up on the far away mountain ranges.
Today was a long, large, light-hearted one! At our lunch stop we had a birthday celebration and it even included "Adventure Designer" blowing out candles on top of a chocolate cake. As you can tell from some of the above photos, there was lots of time to let the child within make an appearance. "Ms D No Stopping Me" even flew her kolorful kite.

Today was a traverse along three mountain passes Smuts Pass, Birdwood Pass and Burstall Pass. On past hikes, I had one opportunity to feel "on top of the world" today was three times the charm!


  1. What a great adventure! Thanks for sharing; your stories take me with you!

  2. Great photographs as always - everything looks so different without the snow mass. Love the colors!

  3. Oh my gosh, your hiking trips always look so amazing. I wish I could tag along...

  4. Great trip report! Would it be possible to get a copy of your GPS Track?


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