Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunset Celebration

Today's adventure or I mean tonight's sunset celebration seemed surreal! Our plan was to see the sun set on a summer Sunday in September on top of Nihahi Ridge. Being prepared for this meant being decked out from head to toe which included long pants, four layers on top, gloves, toque and head lamp. Being prepared for this also meant being mentally and physically in fine form from head to toe. I was decked out and physically there! Mentally? Well, not quite! Our hike started at 3:30 pm with a flat, longish, walk through the campground on our way to the trail head. We encountered a gradual climb on a nice, forested, groomed trail for the first couple of kilometers then the forest opened up to views and an array of trail types. Although I have been over stuff like this and that in the past, this evening my mental game wasn't turned on.
With a vote of confidence from my buddies and a tad of babysitting, I pushed onwards and upwards. I didn't quite reach the sky but my buddies did. I was able to find my happy place for today and this is it! Yes, I was able to find a happy place even though this place was making my hair stand on end.
Tonight was a celebration in honor of Adventure Designer's (we made it all about her) day. Each buddy played a part in aligning the stars for something surreal and special and memorable. Before our night time feast, I needed a few minutes to get to an even happier place. With wicked winds out in the open, we turned into the woods to a perfect sized opening surrounded by trees providing us shelter. The ground top table was set, the celebration sign hung between two trees and one fellow slipped into something very appropriate for the occasion, his crisp white collared dress shirt sporting a black vest over top. Dashing I must say!
The original plan was to see the sun set but with the cloud cover we instead viewed a magnificent moon rise. Along the trail back, the sky cleared and oh boy we could see how the stars were aligned. Our head lamps showed us the way and showed us reflective clothing certainly does reflect and glow in the dark.
Around 9:30 pm, we made it back to the flat roadway that passed through the campground. Our destination now was to the car for the drive back to Calgary. Being the long Labor Day weekend the campground was full of families having camp fires in the forest. They were already at their destination.
I made it home shortly after 11:00 pm feeling oh so very tired and oh so very happy! I love nights like these being with people who mean something in my life, experiencing a unique adventure so much so that I feel like I'm "on top of the world" even if I did reach for the sky but didn't quite make it there!

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