Saturday, January 17, 2009

They Caught Me! I Was Tagged!

I'm it! I noticed SoloRunningChick and BeachRunner tagged me! Funny thing, I didn't feel the tag! I'm glad I noticed, cause I don't like being left out, I want to play too! This time we are divulging favourite things and places and stuff like that! The game calls for listing four things for each category but I am going to put my own twist on this tag and list my top pick!

My favourite memory of 2008!
Climbing to the top of Rae Glacier and sliding down on a hot summer day!

My favourite movie of 2008!
I only watched one movie and I loved it "Spirit of the Marathon"!

My favourite food of 2008!
Hands down, it would have to be those two bite brownies shown in this post!

My favourite place in 2008!
On top of Sentinel Pass in the Rocky Mountains where you could see forever!

My favourite event in 2008!
Red Deer Half Marathon because crossing the finish line was a light bulb moment!

What I am looking forward to most in 2009!
When I have a stretch of time off work to hike, bike and run every day!

You should play along! It's fun! How about it Fit&Fabulous, Running Potter, Travels&Pictures!


  1. Wow you live in a cool place...don't you think?

  2. Great stuff, A.

    LOL. Finally you noticed. I thought you didnt want to play the tag game.

  3. We tag in a sutle way ;-) Good stuff. I remember the brownies!


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