Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short & Swervy!

Squeezing in a short and swervy neighbourhood jaunt!
Being quick before the sun set!
That's what tonight's run was all about!

It was a swervy one trying to avoid the ice patches!
My graph depicts the sidewalk conditions!
My numbers depict my run:
Distance: 3.69 km
Time: 23:43 min
Pace: 6:25 min/km


  1. Still a fast run for someone who had been better off with skates than running shoes! Good job Andra =)

  2. :0) you are so brave with the ice! I can do snow, but ice and I are just not meant to run together

  3. The garmin readouts and stats are really cool. Nice run and way to stick to a steady pace.

    Power Rangers. LOL. That's two minutes in the box for you. LOL.

  4. Great charts! I LOATHE the ice so I feel your pain.


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