Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inching Upwards

I was excited to go running today! My favourite runs are the ones where I am out there for awhile and each weekend I have been adding on a little distance so my whiles are inching upwards. Today's while turned out to be:

Time: 1:23:40
Distance: 13.02 km
Pace: 6:25 min/km

I was pleased that I felt fine with this effort after yesterday's snowshoe. The way I felt last night, I thought I might not be able to move today.

I ran on my own! I like it that way at times! Today I did!


  1. You should be pleased. Nice recovery after a tough day! Looks like your training is going well!

  2. Good job! Fast pace for someone recoveing from a hard snowshoeing day!! =) I miss running long a lot.

  3. Sounds like a great solo run. Way to recover strong from the snowshoeing too.

    Who are the Rangers? Ouch!! LOL. Let's talk NY Rangers hockey, if you have a minute or two or 45 to spare... ;)

  4. You embrace your life, that is so awesome. I love your "August to January" photo's. It truly makes me realise how spectacular our Canada really is.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Hi A

    Yes we have very green and healthy land due to the vast quantity of rain. We long for a good bit of snow to get some good Scottish Ski-ing or sledging in...sadly lacking for the last few years! Funny how we always long for what we don't have! Isn't it so great that we can share our photo's so instantly and therefore, at least, taste the differences that are all around this wee planet. :-)


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