Thursday, August 27, 2020

just living life

I feel a change coming on!  In the weather that is, especially when I needed an extra layer and gloves as I began hiking from the Glenbow Ranch parking lot on this morning.  I heard the coyotes crying out during the early hours but I could not spot them when I looked in the direction the howls were coming from.  I would not secure a coyote photo to sketch but I did capture a perfect shot of the baby muskrat having breakfast.  During this fresh invigorating morning hike, at times I could not distinguish between sunrise shades and late summer hues.  Feeling fulfilled after three hours, I hit the hill back up with hopes I would see pretty pictures when I downloaded them.  Ah, success!

What was to be a two hour visit turned into close to four at Ralph Klein Park.  Today was a gentle step in the right direction in finding a way to safely share time being out and about in this new world of ours with a very vulnerable friend.  We made certain to take all the necessary safety measures.  We talked, we smiled, we strolled, we laughed, we picnicked.  We made this work!  The architecture here is intriguing, every little thing has a reason and a purpose. My apple sketch was quite something to build also, from getting the shape right, then using six different pigments layered on top of each other, each pencil stroke heading in the right direction.  This Park is on the outskirts of the city where not a whole lot of people venture to, it was a lovely quiet escape where we could work at solving our world's problems.

You have to know at some point I would attempt to sketch bears!  I did and this is the outcome!  I already worked with fur and eyes, now it was time to lay down a few snouts.  I have dozens of bear photos from over the years and these three photographs stood out when I glanced through my photo folder.  As my sister says "you and your bears", well I agree, yes me and my bears!

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