Sunday, August 30, 2020

Heritage Park August 30, 2020

My friend put a shout out for a photography outing at Heritage Park!  I jumped on that wagon like there was no tomorrow.  We last shared "out & about" time in early February so we were long overdue for a, face to face from two metres, catch up.  Life happens and we go down different paths for a short distance and time, but as friends, our paths always circle back around.  

These days tickets for the Park need to be purchased online in advance for a certain time slot entrance. They are offered at a discount and free parking is also offered.  We met at the parking lot, discussed a plan for the day and voiced our feelings on comfort level and distancing.  Why was I not surprised to find we were on the same page.

We enjoyed a gorgeous day wandering and meandering all over Heritage Park.  As it was a photography outing, I do have many photos to share which are displayed below with some bundled into collages.  After close to five hours of roaming, we topped off our get together savouring speciality drinks while sitting on the shore of the Glenmore Reservoir.    

Thank you for today!  I look forward to when we circle back around again!

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  1. I can feel your joy in this gorgeous day with your friend!


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