Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Larch Valley July 21, 2020 Lake Louise Camping

What are the chances?  
What are the chances that there would be two campsites available side by side at the Lake Louise Tent-Only Campground.  When a friend and I decided we would like to camp and hike for a few days, we went onto the Parks Canada Website and there were two spots available, side by side, for the three nights we wanted.  In a matter of seconds they were ours!  

What are the chances that we would arrive at a full Moraine Lake Parking Lot only to be greeted by the two parking lot attendees who directed us to park in made up non official spots.  In a matter of minutes we were ready to hit the trail up to Larch Valley.  

What are the chances it would be so very quiet along the trail mid morning.  
It was WOW when we recached the opening!
The trail was clear and dry yet with more than enough snow in the meadow to build a snowman.   
The best boulder on the edge of Minnestimma Lake was available so we snatched it up.  We settled in for some lunch,  a rest, lots of admiring and of course me taking care of business.  We watched hikers heading up to and descending from Sentinel Pass.  Watching those that choose to slide from the top of the snow to the bottom was our entertainment.
perfect reflection
We began the hike back with the intention to check out a trail that leads off to the right.  
Before that though, there was still lots to admire.
When a group of hikers came along and spotted the marmot they yelled out "look at the beaver"! 
a tarn with the Valley of Ten Peaks as the backdrop
reflecting peaks
We found a well beaten defined path off to the right and we went for it.  The trail meandered through a meadow, down a hill, off to a most beautiful area where there was no one.  It was very quiet and we made sure to let the wildlife know we came for a visit.  This is the first time I ever saw a marmot standing for the longest time.  This is zoomed in from a good distance away.  It was one of the largest marmots I have seen and because it was standing, we thought it was a bear cub until I took the zoom shot and looked closer.
We found our way down to the creek and followed along for a little while.
This section was so beautiful!  
It's the clearest mountain creek I ever did see!

We finished our hike and drove to the campground to check in and set up our sites. This is my site and my friend's site is on the other side of the trees on the right of the photo.
dinner time
hang out time

Today played out in our favour.  It was good to be able to set up camp then have dinner then relax without having to deal with non-user-friendly weather.  In our world today I am working at living a life, finding enjoyment, being open to change, accepting what needs to be.  It's nice when "what are the chances" are positive bonuses!  But are they always???

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