Sunday, May 24, 2020

rainy days & short get-aways

It was a short week to begin with but it felt even shorter even though some of the weekdays we were deluged with rain and it felt like it would never end.  During the deluges I got lost in crafting to find my way through those long days. When the sun shone, I headed out to get lost in nature.  It's easy to find ways to fill these May Days and now as this week ended, we head into the final week that is already looking like it will be filled with high notes!
"Sunflower Bouquet" is now complete except for a frame.  
My intentions are to support a local small business nearby.  
A simple brownish wood frame is my thinking to add the final touch.
We are certainly not riding on a rainbow right now 
but I have faith things will look brighter down the road!

One morning after the rain, I hiked down through Confluence Park and along Nose Creek looking to photograph rain drops on crocuses.  The crocuses had seen better days and in this area of our city they are now beyond their prime.  It was a quiet morning except for the songs from the birds.  My focus shifted and these are some of the photos I came away with.  This place and the things I see and hear while here have become my meditation and a great way to kick of a day!

With a bright and sunny sky forecasted for this Sunday, I headed west then south to hike around Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  I missed out on being there for sunrise but I did arrive to see a surreal scene of the valley floor and the Bow River being covered in fog.  The last time I was here Yodel was closed, this time it was wide open and this was the wide open view from the top of Yodel.  I enjoyed the birds singing again, I got to see the rain drops on flowers and a hundred spunned webs.  

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