Monday, May 25, 2020

Grass Pass Above & Beyond May 25, 2020

Whatever Mother Nature presents to you, accept it and lean into it!  We wandered, bushwhacked and route found from Grass Pass up to some of the Bull Creek Hills, down to the meadows off Wileman Creek, out towards the Boundary Pine and then down the backside out to the 541.  We had wind, we had cold, we had snow, mud, ice and water to contend with.  We leaned into it all and embraced it being thankful we could be "out & about" in our mountain playground.
The crocuses were in their prime and they were plentiful, in fact, there were hundreds and hundreds.  Spring comes a bit later in the Foothills and that affords me a long season to enjoy these beautiful wildflowers.  Being a dull sky day with not the greatest far off views, my attention leaned towards the ground cover full of flowers.   
While wandering about, we ended up in new places to both of us and spied other areas to venture to another day.  It was quiet here this Monday, we saw a couple and a soloist and exchanged pleasantries with both parties.  I always enjoy hanging out in this area. There is something in the wildness here that appeals to my senses.  Many hours later we arrived back at our vehicles feeling soothed, content and ready to head back to reality!   

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