Friday, March 20, 2020

Sugar Momma + Bobcat + Fullerton = Loop March 20, 2020

With a fabulous Friday forecast on the forefront I was up early and out the door to feel fulfilment from a forest hike.  I have been enjoying checking out, new to me, trails in the Elbow Valley area.  Today was the day to explore the Sugar Momma (or is it Sugar Mama) and Bobcat trails.  It was an easy quiet drive to the parking lot across from Allen Bill where there was only one other vehicle.  It was bitterly cold with a windchill so I quickly geared up in my heaviest of layers and took off spiking along.  
 I veered off towards the Snagmore Trail and shortly thereafter hit the intersection for Sugar Momma.  
 Or is it Sugar Mama!
Forested trails were not always a favourite of mine but I am learning to be thankful for them and appreciate them.  Today it felt like I was being hugged, it felt safe & secure in the forest, and I was feeling a feeling come over me which felt healthy and I even sensed a smile come on and I went for it!

so green and so alive
You know that commercial that goes something like 
"why not instead of looking something up, what if we just looked up" 
well I did, I just looked up!  
Along the Sugar Momma (or is it Sugar Mama) trail I came to an opening with a view.  There were two large flat rocks at the base of the tree.  It looked inviting.  I settled down and just sat and sat and sat and sat.  The view was wonderful, the sun shone on me, it was peaceful.
I carried on and came to the intersection for Bobcat.  These trails are multi-use and I imagine the tools hanging from the trees would be for the mountain bikers.  There were no bikers here this morning, nor other hikers.  I followed Bobcat for a bit uphill as I knew there were more trails up that way but then decided to save that for another day. 
 a rake
 a hand saw
I did an about face and carried on with my original plan.  
Off to the side in the forest was one tree, yes just one tree,  that was covered in ice crystals.   
I broke trail in the crusted snow to get up close.
 I got closer....
 ...and even closer.
 how beautiful and delicate is Mother Nature's design
nearing the end of Bobcat the views open up
 snow capped peaks peeking out
Bobcat linked up with Fullerton.  I did Fullerton back on December 24th.  I followed along Fullerton until I reached the bench with the wide open view.  I sat there for some time to savour my sandwich & tea and the scenery.  After that I made my way along the last couple of kilometres back to my car.  I came away with a new upbeat outlook and that felt good.  By the time I got home, geared down, cleaned up and did laundry, the sun was now on my deck.  I put my deck chair out, poured a glass of white, donned my shades and sat out.  I sat and I sat and I sat and I sat!  

the route I took today


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    1. It sure is Helen! I am thankful to have these photos, not sure when I will be seeing sights like these again.

  2. Quite a contrast with the beautiful snow covered mountains in the distance, and the beautiful close up of the ice crystals. Wonderful post.

    LArry in Minnesota

    1. Thank you for dropping in and leaving your comment. Lots more snow falling today!


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