Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nose Hill Park from Berkley Gate March 29, 2020

When I was heading into retirement and even in retirement, I knew I did not want a routine or structure of any kind.  Yet, I was O.K. with making plans so there were activities and outings to look forward to.  I enjoy planning and the anticipation leading up to a plan.  These past couple of weeks my life has been full of structure and has become so routine without any conscious effort of making it that way.  I am only realizing now that it just happened!  I know for sure this structure is exactly what I need in my life right now!

So, Deja Vu but a little bit different!  Here we go again!  No TV!  No News! Just up and out the door for a two hour walk at Nose Hill Park but this time from Berkley Gate.  It has been many years since I entered the Park at this location.  Choosing to start the day in a way that is healthy and happy, it was only me and a biker.  She at one end of the lot going in one direction, me at the other end going in the opposite direction.  
I raced up the trail to get high for the sun rise.
As I carried on further and higher, the glow began in front of me.
Then POP!  WOW!
It takes getting up and out early to see sights like this.  
being one with the morning glow
As the red began to disappear in front of me, the golden glow grew behind me.
I polished up a tiny piece of ice and used it as a prop.
With the red now gone and the gold moved on, blue & white filled the sky.
I roamed around enjoying the fresh air and scenery.  I could see others off in the distance, a biker, a dog walker, a runner, another roamer like me.  It was time to work on completing a loop and head on back.  I saw these stairs from the parking lot when I started out.  It looks deceiving here but they go on forever even higher and further than you can see.   As I came down the stairs, a lady was going up.  That tiny dot in the middle is the lady, she was doing stair laps.
With glowing cheeks, lungs full of fresh air, a happy heart, time now to get on with today's routine!

today's route


  1. Glad you have such a beautiful place to get to!

    1. Thank You Mary! I have been finding beauty in places I did not know it existed!


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