Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fairview/Moraine/Tramline/BowRiver X-C Ski January 23, 2020

As today went on one word worked its way to the forefront of my vocabulary and that word was "dreamy".  I joined up with my Thursday friends to spent the day gliding all over the place on groomed tracks around the Lake Louise area.  I spent a few days here two weeks ago but I can never get enough of this beauty so I went back for more.  Today we were afforded one of those one-wayers which meant starting up top and ending down bottom.  We followed Fairview to Moraine to Tramline to the Village then included a big portion of the Bow River Loop.  The whole way was "dreamy".

We were greeted with a thin layer of brand new snow all underneath a blue sky.
The Fairview section of X-C Ski Tracks is my favourite.  
I glided along following a friend through the winding snow laden tree lined maze.
 arriving at the meadow section...
 ...and then skiing through it.
 A bit of cloud hoovered around for awhile which was a tease of the mountain views.
The conditions for snowplowing down the steeper sections was the best I have ever experienced.  
The last little downhill here popped us out onto the Moriane Lake Trail.  
 my ski stop shot
We glided down to the Tramline and followed it the whole way back to the train station. We then skied a portion of the Bow River track which took us back to the edge of Lake Louise Village and we walked the balance of the way to the Discovery Center.  This was the perfect place to sit inside on a comfy sofa to enjoy our lunch.
 We are inside in behind all that ice and snow.
With time on our side after lunch, we headed over to another starting spot of the Bow River Loop and and tacked on a few more kilometers of "dreamy" X-C Skiing.   It was at this point when my right ski began to stick every now and then, thankfully I was able to keep control and avoid any face planting.
 just gliding along
 view from the bridge as we exited the soft-sided section of the campground
 Something as simple as this and I need to stop to offer some admiration!
 beautiful blue + wonderful white = "dreamy"
 We removed our skis, crossed the road and had a short up hill walk back to Lake Louise Village.
We all raved about what a gorgeous day it was at our Lake Louise playground.  
Looking around at my friends, all I saw were the biggest brightest smiles.
Yes, we are fortunate to have all this "dreamy" beauty so close to home!


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