Sunday, January 19, 2020

Barrier Viewpoint January 19, 2020 & Projects

With the week long coldmageddon ended, it's now safe to be actively "out & about" for an extended period of time.  I picked Barrier Lake Lookout to be my destination for today.  I know how beautiful that whole area is at this time of year.  I hit the highway blending in with the migration west.  Even while on my way west, I was experiencing that fulfilling feeling.  I turned off where life begins at Highway 40 along with many others.  Yet I was the only one that turned off for the Barrier Dam Parking Lot.  While it was not early, the lot was empty.  I was surprised to see the new main lot was closed.  I parked, geared up and took off just as a vehicle with a biker guy pulled in beside me.

This is my kind of beauty!
The snow was drifted and deep just getting to the dam.  
The wind bit me like it normally does along this section. 
 I made quick business of crossing the dam and getting into the shelter of the trees.
The trail into the trees was packed.
My spikes were sufficient enough.
I got the switchbacks upwards through the forest over with and as I arrived at the first big opening the biker passed by.  I took a few minutes here to admire the view.  It was later morning but still there was an after effect of the sunrise.
I eyed up to where I planned to go.  The going looked good from here so I went for it.
I made it to the rocky outcrop viewpoint and checked out the area.  No one had been past this section.  I aimed to where the trail was but there was no trail.  I carried on a bit but began sinking to over my knees.  The snow was deep, it was drifted.  I have been up here so many times but it looked foreign to me in these conditions.  I opted out of continuing further, I just did not feel comfortable on my own here.
So, I made this my high point!
See, it is beautiful up here!
I worked my way back to the rocky viewpoint and settled down for a snack.  I shared the space with another biker, he was originally from The Netherlands.  We chatted for a little while both enjoying our drinks, our snacks and the scenery.
It was windy and nippy out here in the open.  
I needed a hot drink so eventually managed to get some tea into the cup.
I was a tad disappointed to not make it to the Lookout.  It would be incredible up there today.  
I packed up and headed on back down.  
This was the view as I took one last look back up.   It was not until I made it down to the switchbacks that I met others on their way up.   We shared pleasantries with a couple of ladies inviting me to go back up with them as their intentions were to hit the Lookout.  I passed on the invite and continued on my way.  
I arrived back at Barrier Lake and scooted down to the lake shore.  I thought it was windy this morning as I began the hike but that I would call delightful compared to how wicked the wind was now.  Even though, I enjoyed it!  I spent more time here than I did at the high point snacking.
This is my favourite photo of the day!  
It was wild at times.....
.....and other times, as calm as could be!
By the time I got back to my car, the small section available to park was close to being full.  I am sure after today, there will be a beaten snow path all the way to the Lookout.  Another try may be in order. What a relief  it was to be back outside on the move in our amazing mountain playground.  

 I did not let those coldmaggedon days last week just pass on by.   

I am back into cross-stitching after decades and I am enjoying it!  
I completed this project on Saturday after many coldmageddon hours working on it.  
My next project is to turn this photo I love so much into a cross-stitch pattern and then stitch away.  
I have only ever stitched from a store bought pattern so this will be a first for me.
Stay tuned!


  1. My family and I always visit Barrier Lake every summer for picnic. I’m amazed it is totally different during winter time. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

    BTW I’m your next door neighbour Dennis. Glad to meet you.

    1. It was nice to meet you Dennis! Barrier Lake is such a beautiful place in the summer.

  2. Its my kind of beauty too. Thanks for retracing my steps in winteer.


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