Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Dolomites Italy Tour of Villabassa June 12, 2019

Quite nicely placed on this Wednesday is a day to choose to do whatever we please.  All along I thought I would like to do another hike  but then realized with our full days I was not getting the opportunity to explore this little peace of paradise called Villabassa.  So my option for this day was to sleep in, luxuriate a bit, saunter the streets instead of hike the mountains, fill up on a feed of real spaghetti, savour some local wine, nap on a beanbag love seat on my balcony, then do dinner and top my day off with some "Hot Love".

I enjoyed the sweet scenery offered down every little street.  How quaint!  How pristine!  Religious, peaceful, slow pace, laid back, welcoming, comforting, are just some of the words that came to mind as I went about my day.

The streets are winding and narrow and the walkways are of cobblestone.  A river runs through it which is fast and furious right now. The "Tour Italy" cycling race came through Villabassa a couple of weeks ago and I thought that must have been a fast and furious thing too.

I walked for three hours and that was exactly the right amount of time to get a real feel for this place. How sweet it is!

my home away from home
 post office to the left of my hotel and the grocery store is the white building on the right

 that's my hotel behind at the left
 Villabassa fire station
 bikes are a way of life here
 in the center of Villabassa outside my hotel
 that's the train station about a 3 minute walk from my hotel
 outdoor cafe
 view down main street
I went for lunch at the Emma.  I had spaghetti with a glass of wine.  She brought a basket full of different breads and buns which I had to pass on if I wanted to finish the spaghetti.  The spaghetti was a heaping amount which I could only eat half off.  It was the best I ever had! 
 I went for a stroll down a residential street and had this view of a front yard.
 The river that goes through the village is running high and fast.  
This is typical from the snow melt at this time of year.
 The door was wide open to a small church so I entered.
 burial plots
This church can be seen from anywhere in Villabassa.  It is beautiful inside and out.  The grounds are immaculate and of the two times I went, the locals were maintaining the plots.  I did not capture photos from inside the church out of respect of those there praying.  The ceiling was covered in murals.  It was breathtaking.  
 a view of the church
 a view of the village of Villabassa with the Dolomites off in the distance
 along the Nordic walking trail
 along the nordic walking trail
 my desert this evening at a local restaurant, it's called Hot Love
I was appreciative of this free day to somewhat rest my legs knowing the next two days would be big.   

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