Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nose Hill June 1, 2019

My good intentions did not pan out this morning yet the pay out received was still quite fine.  I was expecting a pinkish sunrise to start today due to the wildfire smoke that was hanging around our city. I woke early enough but was not feeling energized enough to get going.  When I did get going, the smoke was gone and the sun was already up. What I got instead when I started urban hiking on Nose Hill was blue sky with sunshine and a t-shirt start.
Instead of criss-crossing through the center of Nose Hill forming an eight or some other shape, I went for the wide berth.  The 11 kilometre route was pretty with sweeping green pastoral scenes splattered with carpets of yellow.
the beginning of wildflower season up on Nose Hill
a sweet spot to sit for a snack
The wide berth direction I took was counter-clockwise which meant Nose Hill Lake would come nearer to the end of the 11 kilometers.  It's shrinking in size.  The dogs can walk in it, not sure it is deep enough for them to swim though.
Today's route!
I see I can still go wider.

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