Monday, February 18, 2019

Glenbow Ranch February 18, 2019

With the new snow from yesterday and the cold forecast with sunshine for this morning, I knew it would be a sparkly and glittery day out there.  I wanted to get somewhere somehow but I needed to safely make it to a main road first.  The snow is not scary, the cold is not scary, what is scary is the first six minutes of driving from my front door to that main road.  I white knuckled it then breathed a sigh of relief when I reached the clear dry pavement.

It was like summer sailing on the 1A out to Glenbow Ranch.  Being the Family Day Long Week I knew the road down to the Ranch and the Parking Lot would be very user friendly.  I donned all my layers and braced against the cold to enjoy fresh air, exercise and great scenery.  This was the view from the trail head, it was sparkly & glittery already.
I broke trail in over the ankle new fallen snow from the kiosk on the other side of the tracks all the way down to the Bow River.  The last time I was here the river was fast flowing.  I am glad I ventured down here today because as it begins to warm up it will not be a safe place to be.  The ice had broken up and was pushed up to form sculptures of a sort.
vehicle speeding along on the train track
it looks like distracted driving to me when I look inside
I stopped at the picnic table for some tea and a snack and watched this halo form. 
At first it was a sundog and then the full circle developed.   
it was cold & frosty
there was glitter & sparkle
delicate & tough
Beauty was abound today but up on top of Yodel was a performance of peak perfection.   

I made sure to cover 10 kms, 
always ending with a big uphill out here at Glenbow Ranch
 and a big smile too!     


  1. What a wonderful landscape. Here snow and ice are unknown....
    Great pictures.

  2. More snow magic! Breathtakingly beautiful!


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