Sunday, December 30, 2018

Nose Hill Environmental Park December 30, 2018

After turning on the Christmas tree lights this morning then opening the curtains with a plan of stretching out on my sofa to watch the news for a change, I turned the lights off just as quick, ran up stairs to get into an attire suitable for traipsing around Nose Hill in a wicked wind chill.  You see, the sky was lighting up incredibly and I needed to be out there, right now.  It is good I am just a hop skip and a jump to the trail head.  No one had been yet since last night's snowfall.  
 What I find is, the colder it is, the prettier it is!
 It was lip freezing, cheek numbing cold!
Yet I loved it!
 I am in my element when I am prepared for the elements!
There is a smile beneath that facade!
It was very uncomfortable going into the wind so I found a map to figure out exactly where I was and what would be the shortest route back to the trail head.  I made a beeline there via valley routes.  With pink cheeks, feeling full of fresh air and invigorated, I made my way home to get back to turning on the Christmas tree lights and watching the news for a change.

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