Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Chandler Arizona Snowbird Test - Dolly Steamboat Cruise at Canyon LakeDec 12, 2018

When I put a shout out to my sister to see if there was interest in joining me on a cruise on Canyon Lake she jumped on board like there was no tomorrow.  I was not surprised as cruising is a forte of hers.  The forecast said go right now, so I booked it and off we went to hop on board the Dolly Steamboat.
I motored over to Apache Wells and transferred over to her vehicle, she was keen to drive that crazy Apache Trail.  I admired the scenery on the way there while gripping the seat and a handle for mental support.  Our plan was to arrive early so we could enjoy lunch before the cruise.  Upon arrival I was taken in by the gorgeous scenery and then saw Dolly down at the dock.  I was excited for our adventure.

                             My sister prepared a tail-gate picnic.

It was time to check in and then get a good seat on the steamboat.  We were fortunate that today there may have been only 30 people so we could move around freely and sit/stand wherever whenever.  We opted for upstairs at the back to begin with.
The captain and his right hand man worked together to point out certain sights, cruise close to the canyon walls for better views and even stop the boat at times to enjoy quiet moments and pretty scenes.  A bald eagle stood guard at the top and with a good zoom I was able to capture it.  


Canyon Lake is a large man-made lake.  We cruised along the edges and out in the middle too at times.  It was a beautiful day and the winds were calm and when we slowed down the reflections were amazing.  

It felt like time was standing still out here.  I got lost in the beauty.  At times music played that brought me even closer to being lost in my thoughts and the scenery.  What an incredible place, it's a photographer's dream and a geologist's delight.

It was time to get Dolly back to her dock.  I could see the mountains off in the distance and I could pick out the area where I had hiked on prior days.  While taking this photo I did not see the twinkling stars on the right through my view finder.  What a nice surprise they were to see when I imported my photographs.  

This was a wonderful experience and I was so thankful I got to share it with my sister.  Once back on land we picked up with the tail-gate picnic then hit that Apache Trail back to home.  This was a day to treasure weather-wise, scenery-wise but most of all sisterhood-wise!  

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