Monday, November 12, 2018

Chester Lake November 12, 2018

Snowshoeing is a sport that my friend has never experienced and she has been wanting to make a check mark beside that on her to-do list.  Between my schedule and hers this was the only time that would fit so we could only hope there would be enough snow.  I saw a report and photos for Chester Lake and that confirmed it was go time.  We crossed out fingers for blue sky and sunshine packaged together with scenery that would pack a punch.  This is how our day played out!

We took tonnes of time snowshoeing through each meadow.  I have been here numerous times but this time was different.  It was so enjoyable to experience it with a first timer.  I was very thankful all conditions were user friendly.

at Chester Lake
We arrived at Chester Lake and snapped a few shots then settled down to dine.  This was our lunch time view.  

After lunch it was play time.  My friend commented that I was silly and crazy.  Who else is I asked!  There was no coaxing her what so ever to join me.  She was right in there!  Who is silly & crazy?

As time passed it was becoming prettier and prettier but we needed to get back on the snowshoe trail and get on with our day.  Once again we spent tonnes of time in the meadows.  In my mind I was thinking what the heck, let's enjoy every second, I have my headlamp.

Once the meadow sections were behind us, we just went for the finish and arrived back at the car with a bit of time to spare before the sun went down.  I believe my friend is hooked on snowshoeing, she beamed from ear to ear through out our entire adventure.  This will be a day to remember!

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