Thursday, November 15, 2018

Barrier Lake Lookout November 15, 2018

When my friend came to visit me for a hiking holiday this past August, the timing could not have been worse.  We were engulfed in smoke from the wild fires for her entire visit.  Even though conditions were terrible, we still hiked and one we did was up to the Lookout above Barrier Lake.  We could see nothing, no Lakes, no mountains, no nothing!  Today we completed a re-do hike up to the Barrier Lake Lookout.

The forecast looked decent so we knew we would be afforded vistas.  We also knew we better get up there sooner rather than later as a stormy system was on the way. The hike across the dam was fine, no wind, it felt warm and we could see.

The switchback section was where we just made it a job to get it over with.  At the first open spot where we could see the lake I felt I already proved to my friend that yes there are views from up here.  In August, we could not see Barrier Lake down below.

We made it to the Lookout to see no one was home which of course was expected.  We took over the place and made it ours.  When no one is home we can go up on the deck to dine.  We picked the side with the least amount of wind.  We dined on sandwiches, salad and snacks and that hot tea.  
After our lunch break we then took care of the most important summit business and that was to secure our shots.  Just like when we snowshoed up to Chester Lake the other day, my friend was right in there having fun embracing the snow and every second.

We carefully made our way back down to the Viewpoint and then back down to the Lake.  The wind picked up and it was a bitter experience out in the open.  One last look back and one more photo then we got to the other side of the dam as quick as possible.
I am happy there were views today.  My hopes were for some blue in the sky and a bit of sunshine yet my friend found happiness in what we had.  In truth, happiness is in the heart, and we both loved today's adventure!


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