Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mount Lipsett August 29, 2018

Day Dawns
I arrived at our rendezvous location a little on the early side.  The rising sun was a solid bold pink again which left me wondering were we in for smoky surroundings on our Mount Lipsett hike. It appeared I was not the only one in a wondering state.  Soon after then my friends arrived and we were on our way west.

As we began our ascent and before entering the forest I checked back to where the view was and saw we were being afforded a bright blue sky with those wispy clouds that I love and had missed so much.  My motivation was lifted and I hoped it would be onward and upward weather-wise from here on in.
our direction became clear
the reds were vibrant
new snow along the way

Summit Experience
Summit visits encompass an array of activities.  First of all comes the arrival there.  It's time to take time and admire our surroundings followed by a few short seconds to silently give thanks and appreciation.  I was in awe of today's beauty on the summit of Mount Lipsett!
In short order comes the capturing of my summit shot. 
We were cheerful today, not just in color.  I am quite sure my friends were also thankful for the blue sky and fresh mountain air.  It seemed like we were all on the same page of a short story, at the same time through out our day.
other summit activities
at times a sketch tells a better story than written words

On this Wednesday the trail was quite quiet with just us and seven others spread out in passing or off in the distance.  We had the slopes, the meadows, the trails, the summit all to ourselves to wander at our hearts content and wander we did.  We watched a few people head up the gully to the Mist Mountain summit.  They are mere dots in the dark.
 wandering along the ridge and wondering where the people are 
in their journey to the top
 We wandered up to a ridge and ventured off trail along it.

The End
The view had improved as the day went on.  The wind had picked up and created rather cold air when we were nearing the end of our summit visit.  We bundled up and braced against it until we were back into the shelter of the trees. Then we were wrapped in the warmth from sunshine.  Just over six hours later we arrived back at the trail head parking lot.  I felt it was worthy to capture one last scenery shot of what our hike looked liked at the end.  

Author's Note
You know that saying "love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"!  I have missed the sun and the blue sky.  I have missed those wispy white clouds and breathing in that fresh mountain air.  Experiencing the conditions we did today confirmed my love for all those things.  My appreciation for receiving the best of everything in our mountain playground sky-rocketed.  I wish the best from here on in for all those who are affected by the wraths of forest fires. 

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