Saturday, August 18, 2018

Barrier Lake Lookout Loop August 18, 2018

Just like yesterday, it was time to pull out the saving the day directions and find a way to do it.  I tried but I am not so sure I want to say that I saved the day.  The air quality was at its worse at +10, with 10 being the worst on the chart.  We opted for a hike closer to home and where the effort to accomplish something would not be as great.  I recommended Barrier Lake Lookout and that's what we went for.  The parking lot was pretty much full and I believed those would be backpackers' vehicles.  We crossed the dam under erie conditions.
The sun was up and it looked like it has for the past number of days.  
At the intersection where we would begin the switchbacks there was a new sign.  
This was a first for me to see a sign like this. 
view from the first opening
We spent a minute at the rocky viewpoint then carried on up to the Barrier Lake Lookout.  There was no one else there.  In no time at all, the Lookout Lady and her dog came out to visit us.  This would most definitely be today's highlight. She had no visitors yesterday and only what you could count on one hand the previous days.  We chatted for quite some time.  Her friend who was staying with her for two days came out a few minutes later to partake in the conversation.  I assumed the Lookout Lady would be busy with these dry conditions but I was wrong.  She has had nothing to do because she has not been able to see a thing.  Her district is Morley and you would never know it was down there.  Visibility was pretty much just the around the Lookout.  She did mention the day prior people were caught cutting down a tree to build a fire.  She also shared some information with us about her alarm, as I questioned her on the new sign stating what times during the day people are permitted to come up to the helicopter pad.
After they retreated to their home, we captured our destination shot.
We sat and had lunch looking for some kind of view but there were none to be had.  What I did think about was what a beautiful place it is up here and I have been fortunate to be here many many times when the views are forever.  
The Lookout Lady came out and invited us to the back of her home.  
We took her up on that offer and snagged another photo.  
We packed up our gear, waved good-bye and began the descent down towards Jewell Pass.  It was long and unscenic and I just wanted it over with.  There were no photos ops, even the bridge and waterfalls were not appealing enough today to stop for photos.  
We made it back to the car to find the parking lot was full.  I assumed the Lookout Lady would have loads of visitors today.  The air quality did not improve and views were still nonexistent.  The only thing we had left to accomplish was the drive home and getting inside to fresher air to breathe.  I felt disappointed that I could not show off our beautiful mountains today to my friend.  I was thankful though that we had a home to go back to.  

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  1. I love your sun reflection shot, but it really is time for this smoke to dissapate.
    Last week Stuart took a bus load of tourists to Jasper. They saw absolutely nothing. Even the Athabasca Glacier ride was cacelled. [He is temporaly working back in Banff]


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