Monday, October 9, 2017

Nose Hill October 9, 2017

It wasn't until when I woke early this morning that I took time to wonder what would my Thanksgiving Monday look like.  I wondered for a minute then my plan was in place.  I hopped out of bed and began to execute that plan at a quick pace so I could make it to Nose Hill Park before sunrise.  Today's the day to be extra thankful and I wanted to acknowledge that by watching the sun rise and then admiring the earthy autumn hues.  This photo captures exactly what I had hoped to see but I witnessed lots more than just this which was more than I could have hoped for.
 I waited and watched as the sun broke through the horizon.
 The sky filled with amazing sunrise shades.
It was fresh and cold and I was bundled up for that and needed all the layers even as I began to ascend.  When I was ready to explore the Hill I turned my back to the sunrise to see fields and hills of orange.
All I could think of was alpenglow!
It looked like the place was on fire!
shadows stretched on for eternity
 I found my way to the rock circle and took time to have my breakfast.  
The lighting was gorgeous so I savoured my breakfast instead of devouring it.  
 It was an incredible feeling to be here this morning seeing all there was to see.  Even though it was still early I could see another parking lot entrance off in the distance which was full.  Many others had the same idea as me.
Mother Nature at her finest!
The whole while my eyes were focused on what was in front but I did take a look back and the sun was still working its way above the trees.  I knew I needed to stay low to capture the beauty the light was causing.
still more trails to follow
 nothing other than just a plain simple pretty picture
 autumn meets winter's snow capped peaks  
and yet another trail calls
I both figuratively and literally got lost on Nose Hill this morning.  I did not pay attention to where I was going as I just went with where the colors called.  Every now and then I ascended to a high point to get a lay of the land and my bearings.  That offered me even more vibrant vistas.
Feeling visually fulfilled and even somewhat exhausted from all the witnessing of beauty it was time to head home.  I exited Nose Hill Park with a broad smile appreciating that I am pretty fortunate for what I have in my life. 

Thank you!


  1. Excellent! You captured the essence of a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  2. You don't need turkey and trimmings, when you have Nose Hill! - a glorious morning.


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