Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hunchback Hills for Halloween October 28, 2017

Give me a reason to celebrate and I will be there!   I hoped others would be too if I threw out the idea of acknowledging Halloween.  More than just your every Saturday hike was needed.  I picked Hunchback Hills as the destination, it was either that or Hell's Ridge, and only because the names sound Halloweenish.  Pack a costume was part of the package deal as was toting along treats to share.     Friends were keen to join in on this spirited celebration.  Unexpectedly Mother Nature made her appearance and added an erie sky to our mix.
It was an after sunrise start at the trail head where the sky had an appearance of possibly offering up something to the ambiance of our day.  We had an easy start of it with six klicks along a trail that ascended very gradually.  The views were at the start and that was it for some time.
We reached our turn off point where there is no indication to do so but we had insider information telling us where to hang a left.  We spent the next hour or so bushwhackingly finding our way up a steep slope.  The light cast shadows of all sorts.  Who knows what lurks in the woods!
We found our way to the top coming out at the base and edge of the ridge.
We were presented with our first views.
Further up Hunchback Hill towards the summit Barrier Lake & Lookout came into view.
 Then we spied the summit cairn tucked between the trees.
The clouds looked explosive and lining all features at the right angle a great photo op happened.  We were experiencing fabulous weather for the 28th of October in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. That on its own is a reason to be "out & about" and celebrating.
Before doing anything else, I captured my devilish summit shot.
We nestled in by the tree to dine.  After our main courses, it was time for treats, and as you can see we had all sorts.  It was an enjoyable part of our day sharing the treats and tasting new foods.   
We donned the rest of our costumes and took over the summit with our photo tricks.

The wind whipped wildly as we neared the end of our summit celebration.  It was time to pack up and be on our way, along the Hill, down the ridge, by the trees, into the forest.  Along the open part I kept looking back like I always do and admired the cloud coverage.
 looking explosive again
 I love what the wind creates.
This was our last big view on this side before heading into the forest for a steep, route finding, bushwhacking task.  We had no snow at all, the ground was very dry, it was colorful in spots and the shadows just added to the pretty scene.
We all safely made it back down and back out.  With about four kilometres left along the easy trail we made good time of it and reached the open area again just before dipping down to the trail head.
When getting close to the trail head it means very soon we will be heading home which happens every Saturday but it has been ages since I did my kind of heading home.   I hear what you say and sometimes I wonder what you are thinking.   
I thoroughly enjoyed this Halloween Celebration.  I am glad I have friends who are into this type of day just as much as I am.  With all that is happening in our world in every day life, it's nice to take time to escape and celebrate even the littlest of things.  Thank you for today!

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