Monday, August 7, 2017

Tombstone Lakes August 7, 2017

With Saturday's hike being on the easy side I still had energy to spend so planned to hike again on holiday Monday.  I opted for another easier hike and this time it was into Tombstone Lakes, just down the highway from where I was on Saturday.  I didn't notice how much of a green/brown day it was out that way until I looked at all the photographs I captured.  I put that down to being so in tune to the beauty in general.
I could not smell smoke but it was there.  I was thankful there was rain in the forecast for this part of Kananaskis, it would do the place the world of good.  We had a short visit at Elbow Lake before heading off into the valley section.  This is my favourite spot along this route where you can see the Cats Ears, where Piper Pass is and then having Tombstone Mountain look so gigantic right there. 
This was the first time ever I saw a vehicle along this trail.  
We all moved to the side to let the traffic go by.  
It just looked so odd.  
We knew what that meant though!
Nobody was home at the Conservation Officer's Cabin. 
We could stop by for a short visit without interrupting anyone.
With it being later Monday morning, all the backpackers were checking out of all the campsites.  We were the only ones heading in.  My intentions were to hit Upper Tombstone Lake first.  I wanted to get there and enjoy lunch before the rain came.  It was forecast to begin around noon.  We took a trail too soon and came out at the Lower Lake so we just passed by it and aimed for the Upper Lake.  It was a pretty green sitting at the base of Tombstone Mountain.
I was up on the rocky outcrop when it was covered in snow. 
I wanted to be there when it wasn't.  
We did the easy scramble to the top.
My lunch time view.
My summit shot!
with my friends
After an hour above Upper Tombstone Lake, we scrambled down and circumnavigated it.  We checked out the avalanche impact pool.  It was the greenest of greens.  It looked quite deep too.
reflection in the avalanche impact pool
Lower Tombstone Lake
Once all the lakes received the attention they were due, we hit the long stretch back.  It was into the afternoon and the rain never did happen.  It looked like it would at times and then that look went away.  The sky gained a little more blue.  We commented how the ground cover has that autumn look.  Oh soosh!  Don't say that word!
looking back 
still looking back
I never ever want views like this to end.
So I grab every last second of scenery that I can.
We arrived back at Elbow Lake and now it looked photogenic.  
The only thing left to do was to hike the last click and a half down the hill to the parking lot.  I didn't really feel ready to do that yet as I quite enjoy being by this lake and walking around the campground.  But, we needed to make hay and get on with our day.  The rain finally did come while we were driving home.  I sure hope it landed where it was needed.  Combine today's hike with Saturday's hike and I now feel I got a good fill of mountain time and I am ready to face reality for a few more days.  

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