Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mt Lipsett August 5, 2017

While I patiently waited at the Mount Lipsett trail head for my friends to sort things out at the other end and make their way here, I admired the views that were surrounding me.  The morning started off beautifully.  There was a chance of rain in the forecast as the day progressed.  Normally I do not wish that upon us but these days I welcome the moisture as I believe my friends do too, so we all came prepared.  As it turned out, it did not rain on our parade!
It was a warm and windless start through the forest and even also as we popped out into the open.  
The blue was slowly disappearing yet the wildflowers were quickly appearing.    
garden lined trail 
As we continued to climb the gray replaced the blue.
except for this blue
With all the conversation and fun, the climb passed fast and we hit the top.  This is my favourite spot on Mt. Lipsett.  You can see the highway far below.   I wore the pants today.  Those park warden coloured pants.  That meant many rules were created which were refused and abused, all in fun!
That fever that's going around took a toll on us.
We all heard Italian Medallion utter the word karate!  She presented examples of what that word would look like in action.  We knew what we needed to do and this was the result.  I guess that word means something different to each of us and we gave our own interpretation.  
white weed
Once we were all feeling cured of that fever, we set off to explore the terrain and work our way down.  We opted for a bit of meadow meandering and eventually joined back up with the trail.  Even though it is dry the ground is green and the flowers are thriving.
looking back at one of our play areas
There is such a variety of terrain up on Mt Lipsett.  The rock formations and colors always capture my attention and I just have to invest a little time in admiring it all.
descending the garden lined trail as the blue begins to reappear
We were a group that appreciated being able to be out in this environment today.  
We found lots to love about this day.  

We arrived back at the trial head to a very warm temperature and a bright blue sky.  While it was a lovely beginning and end to our day, it was even greater in between that.  We filled those in betweeen hours with our own flare of fun.  Thank you for sharing in this day in your own kind of way.  Thank you for refusing the rules.  Just plain and simple "Thank you for a kind of day where we all could feel like we were on top of the world!"  


  1. Fun group photos! You live in such a beautiful place.

    1. Linda let me know if you ever venture up this way! I could show you some of these beautiful places.


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