Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mountain Lifestyle Day 1 December 18

In all honesty, this year I want Christmas done and over with. I am going through the motions of celebrating the season the way I have in years past but this time around it is taking an extra effort with an outcome of nothing but numbness. Those in the know say this one day shall pass. 

There is never any doubt for me that a happy heart can be found when I am "out & about" surrounded by peaks, being active and living that mountain lifestyle. Mid way through yesterday when our plan for today faltered, I knew immediately I needed to go into rescue mode and save Sunday.  I already had a mountain escape planned so opted to begin it a day earlier.  I scrambled to put that plan in place.  This morning when I turned off Stoney Trail onto Highway 1 west, I felt I was already there, where I needed to be.

I had some business in Banff to take care off first.  How many times have you voiced "Are we there yet?"  In my younger years I certainly expressed that sentiment many times, and I have heard it just as many times in more recent years.  I even purchased a shade of nail polish called "Are we there yet".  My first order of business was to pick up another piece of art by Peter Wyse, it's called none other than "Are we there yet".  It pairs perfectly with my purchase earlier this year called "Top of the world".
After leaving support at Monod's and The Spirit of Christmas, I aimed for Lake Minniwanka not really knowing what to expect or what I might do there.  I stopped at Two Jack Lake along the way and then on to Lake Minniwanka where there was still large sections of open water.  I walked the rocky shoreline and then carried on to Stewart Canyon.  I was quite comfortable in my two down jackets so lingered along the way.

A couple of hours later, I retreated to my vehicle then motored to check into my room for the night.  It remained cold and breezy yet I still bundled up and sat on my patio to admire the sweet view.  There is nothing between me and my mountains!


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