Friday, January 2, 2015

Joy-Start 2015 Day 2 (am)

A "Joy-Start" sounds more suitable & appealing to me than a kick-start or jump-start!  To get that joy happening today, I aimed for the Great Divide Parking Lot just below Lake Louise with intentions of X-C Skiing again today.  With it being my first time for the Great Divide Trail, I did some due diligence beforehand and concluded I would only complete a portion of it and then incorporate other trails upon the return.  
The dogs which go on a separate track were ready to start the same time as me.  I waited two minutes to let them be gone.  It was quiet on the trail which afforded me the chance to take time and practice what had been preached.  The movement in the track was heaven, it seemed so smooth.  Could that have been that my waxless skis paired perfectly with the snow conditions?  I don't know enough yet to make that call but I will tell you, I like it like that!  I liked how the scenery was too!  The views were on the darker side at first.

After time on the Great Divide I got ready to veer off as the dogs returned. 
I took to the Telemark Trail, it had some fun easy downhill sections.  
ended up on another trail too but shortly into it I did an about face, I know my limits.  I truly enjoyed this whole area.  I liked the openness, how it was beginner friendly and the scenery was great to boot.  
Two hours later, I called it a morning and headed to my home-away-from-home for lunch in the comfort of a warm living area with a fireplace and a view.  There is still so much joy to be had!

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