Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joy-Start 2015 Day 1

As if I didn't get enough marvellous mountain time before Christmas for four days, I'm back at it for another four days to joy-start 2015.  I referred to those previous four days as a "retreat" which in hindsight was nothing retreat-like at all.   The down-time and rest-time came once I returned to home at the end of the fourth day.  The opportunity arose for an additional four days on short notice and I could not resist.  My toys & stuff were not fully put away from round 1 so it was very easy to pack up and be off.

The hope for these four days is to focus on honing my X-C Ski Skills and I got off to a good start.  I went back to Pocaterra where I took my lessons in early December.  I skied trails here a couple of years back so knew this place would work for me today. I arrived near 10:00 am to three vehicles in the lot and no one in the Hut.  
After a few glides along the grid I then smoothly transitioned into the track and was on my way.  It was a crisp, cold morning and the views were beautiful right out of the start.  
I remained upright except for one fall when the track for my left ski vanished and I slid sideways.  I skied mostly on green, I completed a short blue, and I walked down a black.  The air temperature was very cold. I need to work on a way to wear my left wrist-lacer with a warm mitt or glove that fits over top.
expressing how I feel about today
I made it to a meadow to find a moose meandering and... 
...came across two whiskey jacks frolicking on the ski track. 
I turned around at my planned turn around distance and skied back to the Hut to dine.  By now, others were out & about.  
I had time to pass so visited Barrier Lake then.....   
...drove down by the Bow River at Lake Louise Village.
I was tired by the time I checked in so was quite content to luxuriate for the balance of this first day of 2015 and just enjoy the view outside as it drew its curtain.  


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