Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Successful at Failing Miserably

Depending on last Friday's results, this week was suppose to be either a full week of rest or a week of attacking those big elephants that have been waiting by the wayside ever since that May day.  The final verdict was to take two days of relaxation, then live your life as you have been.  I was over the moon!  I luxuriated both Saturday and most of Sunday in +26C temperatures under sunshine and full blue sky with the plan then to tackle those elephants thereafter.

I failed miserably at dealing with plumbing, organizing the basement, cleaning out the closest and all those other tasks that needed two strong hands for a full on attack.  Monday came with a vengeance! Old man winter lost his mind and hit hard on a summer day.  The tree in front of my home that usually hangs high above my car was laying on top of it instead.  I was able to safely move my car and see that it was no worse for the wear.
From that point forward, I relished in what we were thrown.
My September 8 snowman.
I tested out my snowshoes.
My September 9 snow family.
My September 10 snowman.
By late afternoon of September 10, the snow was gone.  
The arborist came to care for the tree.
 He would come back tomorrow to clear away the debris.  

All the while, instead of accomplishing chores & tasks, I played, I read, I shopped.
I love failing miserably!

...and I continued to fail...

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  1. LOL here as I scrolled down and met your family! LIFE IS GOOD. Good for you making the most of it. The jobs will always be there.


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