Sunday, August 31, 2014

something everlasting because

I am always so happy when friends jump on board no matter what I suggest they would be in store for on any given day to play in the mountains.  That tells me something!  There is never any coaxing, they just say yeah. For me personally, today had more meaning then otherwise, so I needed to make it mean something.  I wanted beauty, I got it.  I wanted long, I got it.  I wanted fun, I got it.  All this was to be had on our hike into the Tombstone Lakes and up to Tombstone Pass.  

along the Big Elbow Trail
Tombstone Mountain
through Desolation Flat
After Desolation Flat, we came upon the intersection where we would veer left, descend and then arrive at the damaged bridge, that if it wasn't, the creek crossing would be easy peasy.  We managed to make our way across to the other side.  
We took a short detour to check out the Warden's Cabin.  
Nobody home!
trail towards the Tombstone Lakes
Lower Tombstone Lake

Upper Tombstone Lake
This was our dining spot.  
It was peaceful and beautiful and we owned it.
It was difficult to find out info about Tombstone Pass from others who may have been.  One guide book had directions so that's what we followed to get us to the Pass.  The beginning was pretty.  It was a gentle climb and then flat for quite some time.
Tombstone Pass
We had meadow views but no far off distant sights which I expected.
Once off the Pass, we intersected the Big Elbow Trail completing a gigantic loop.
This was our view descending the Pass.
Wildflowers were nearing the end of their prime bloom time.
The campground looked inviting, so we stopped in for a snack break.  I checked out the sights and thought this would be my ideal spot to spend a night. Maybe one night another year.  A few sprinkles showered down on us but they came and went quickly and then we went.
hitting the trail back yet still stopping at some nice sights
When we arrived back up at the Desolation Flat section along the Big Elbow Trail and followed it for a few kilometres, I took one last look back before....
....focusing on what was ahead, a big mountain.  
I wanted today to be something everlasting. 
I felt like I was "on top of the world" and that meant the world to me!


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