Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Mountain Celebration

I am over the moon right now sitting up there on cloud nine with my mountain soul spilling out oodles of joy!  Not expecting to be able to complete a true hike until well into August made today that much more sweeter.  July 1st, Canada Day is my "let it go" day and I celebrated that by hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers.  I gave myself a fair chance at making my first hike a successful outing by picking a trail that was fairly easy, I could manage without poles, go early to beat the crowds and with awesome scenery.  

The trail starts at Lake Louise and skirts the coast of the Lake to the far end.  
Nearing the end of the Lake , snow capped Mount Victoria comes into view.  
Around the bend the gentle climb ensues.  
After a bit of elevation gain, the view is expanse and makes for a perfect spot for a destination shot.  Yet, this is not the final destination.  Oh Canada!  With a glowing heart I say "Happy Birthday!"  I am proud to bare your flag.  
I made it to the Tea House but passed on dropping in for tea in favour of sitting out here, having snacks and enjoying the amazing view. This is my destination for today.  I have carried on out to the Viewpoint before, I know what that trail is like and thought it best to pass on that this time around.   
The descent was quick and before I knew it, I was back at Lake Louise.  You can see the Chateau far middle with the ski hill behind it.  Today the Lake's hue seemed extra vivid.  That added to the specialness of this day.  
I felt like I received a grand gift even though it was Canada's birthday and not mine.  I have always made sure to never take days playing in the mountains for granted.  I will maintain that philosophy.  I have always tried to "remember to breathe" too when I am out & about and today's breaths were big and deep and lasting.  


  1. What a spectacularly beautiful sunny day for a birthday. Happy Canada Day!

  2. I was there the same day! It was beautiful. Btw, what kind of hiking tracker you were using?

    1. Hi Jiaoying, It was a beautiful day to be there. I have a Garmin GPSmap 62s. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    2. Thanks! We had a 9 days hiking in Canadian Rockies recently during our 3rd visit in 4 years. My husband found your blog while searching the amazing trails, we both appreciate your posts.


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