Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Big Calling

Given such a superb weather forecast paired along with feeling fabulous + with energy to spend, the calling for today was to go big.  Mount Saint Piran has, but not necessarily planned, become an annual hiking objective.  Today was this year's day to reach that peak second from the right.  Just like on Canada Day, my trail head was Lake Louise. 
I had a quick visit at Mirror Lake...
...looking way up at the Big Beehive...
...knowing soon I would be looking way down on it...
I by-passed Lake Agnes then took the detour just before reaching the Little Beehive.  After the short trek through the trees, I made it to the wide open slope where the views now would be never-ending.  The slope is made easy to ascend thank you to the numerous long switchbacks.
Here you have Lake Louise, little Mirror Lake, Mount Fairview across the way and the gazebo on top of the Big Beehive which is that little white speck on the end of the green mound to the right.
With the switchbacks behind me, here is where you lastly push for a few minutes  through the rocks.
view far below to the train on the tracks
and the mountains to the northwest
(click on the photo for a bigger view)
multitude of colourful formations
I reached the summit and passed it by for now, to make my way lower down the far side to where there was more grass than rock, a few alpine flowers and where I felt in the midst of many big mountains.  This was the ideal spot for my summit shot with Mount Niblock as the backdrop.
It was also the ideal spot to dine.
My view from the prime front row seat.
After resting and refueling, I had a short climb back up to the true summit.
There was no need to take shelter today with this superb forecast.  
This was the only snow patch to be found. 
I built an expression of how I was feeling.
Before hitting the switchbacks for the descent, I veered off to this viewpoint.   
I started my day early enough that I was first to the summit and I owned it for my whole visit. Oh how I like that!  I also like when I meet folks on the trrails who are followers of my blog.  Today I met Robin.  Thank you for stopping to chat, it's opportunities like this that re-enforce the pleasure of sharing my experiences of being "out & about".  I hope you and your Australian relatives had an enjoyable summit visit.

In a way today was a test and I came away with a boost to my confidence level.  The elevation gain was no problem, there was no issue with the easy hand placements for balance to get through the scrambly & scrabbly sections near the summit.  While my pace was slow ascending, that was all that was slow.  My expectations were to be at this point well into August, but I am so happy to be there right now.  I attribute this to staying happy, upbeat & positive, to keeping on top of my cardio and staying on the move and on the go.   I have three more sleeps then this cast comes off.  I look forward to a cast-free summit celebration! 


  1. Spectacular weather, views, photography and achievement. Best wishes for the plaster removal and take care over the next few weeks.

  2. With the fabulous vistas, gorgeous weather, and mountain high air, we indeed had a splendid summit visit, which helped to make it a great day in the mountains with family and friends. It was nice to meet you. As I mentioned, your thorough documentation of the trips you do is a terrific resource for people scoping out these hikes. Thanks very much for taking the time to make all these reports, much appreciated! Robin


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