Sunday, June 22, 2014

No surprises here.....

.....and I knew there would not be!  I got pleasant & pretty which was the exact combo I expected.  I put a shout out looking for friends to tag along with me, along the pathways in and around Prince's Island Park, but all were busy.  Being on my own afforded me the opportunity to spend a little more time playing with composition.   Seeing that this was only my second time ever to cross the Peace Bridge and my first time to photograph it, I was delighted with what was presented to me to capture this split second in time.  
After completing the Crowchild Loop, I headed east towards the River Walk & East Village.  I can't remember when I was last here, but boy oh boy, the area was scenic & delightful.  
view towards the Center Street Bridge
The decks are ideal for getting optimum views of The Bow River.  With this warm weather finally arriving, I now need to work on getting my arm into position to put those pig tails back in my hair.  I need that hair raising feeling that lets the air flow around my neck! 
The stones set in the sidewalk match the decor along the River Walk. 
a snack stop place
With the morning moving on, the sun warming up, my urban hike complete, I headed home feeling content with what I accomplished.  It's now time to consider moving a little further away from finding my urban soul.  

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