Sunday, June 15, 2014


During last Wednesday's clinical visit, I was given the thumbs-up to get behind the wheel.  By this morning, I felt ready to give it a good go.  Today was my D-Day and I went for shorter for the first time and made my way to Prince's Island.  This was the perfect urban trail head.  I bundled all my little successes together and added a new one to the mix. In addition to wearing those shoes that I can double bow-tie, plus buckling on my small pack, plus toting my GPS, plus donning a rain jacket, this time I tucked in my powershot elph to capture split seconds in time.

while out "finding-my-urban-soul" this Father's Day morning

there were trails
and water ways
plus wildflowers
also brown furry animals
all the items that make for a great hike
even though these items were all of the urban kind
they brought me closer to my mountain soul

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  1. So glad you are out and about. Mountains are glorious but urban can most certainly be special to.


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