Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sticking With What's Trending

While life's happenings come with unwelcome restrictions, they will not stop me from being "out and about".  My "out and about" may not be far and long but it will still be! After all, it is my saving grace! Today's "out and about" was Prairie Mountain.  The plan in place was to ascend the normal route and descend the west ridge to make a large loop.  Mountain backsides are trending lately, last Monday it was the backside of Pigeon and last Saturday it was the backside of Sulphur.  Today it was the backside of Prairie and I had my lady friends join me. 

The steep trail through the trees was in fine condition for this time of year and this hour of the morning. Leaving later would have meant more mud.  Our first teaser views through the trees were looking awesome.  It was when we reached the wide open space that I knew we were in for a special day. WOW!
The wide open space is notorious for having a bitterly cold strong wind.
Today we had a mildly breezy chilly wind.  
We sauntered towards the summit cairn and Canadian flag.  
It was nice to have bare ground to hike along.  
I have been to this summit many, many times and only now I realize I prefer to have my summit shot with a different backdrop than Moose Mountain.   There's Nihahi Ridge to my right.  Me and my lady friends owned the summit for a period of time so we took advantage of that with some play time.  
Moose Mountain
waving flag
Conditions were favourable so we opted to dine at the summit in the wide open space.  There were dry patches scattered throughout and we found one that was the perfect size and in the perfect place for us.  The summit cairn was at our back and I could not help myself from looking back to watch the clouds dance.
After lunch, we aimed for the large cairn and then began our descent down the west ridge.  In the trees, the snow was ankle deep and made for a gentle soft descent, for the first while.  The trail markings were in abundance, there was much more ribbon then when I took this route last June.  
We found our way to the smaller meadow where there was just enough of that sticky snowman snow.  We produced a family.  From here on in to where we would join Prairie Creek Trail, was muddy in spots, no snow, and still lots of ribbon to show us the way.
At the intersection, we went down slope a bit to a grassy patch and had our second break of the day.  It was peaceful and relaxing, with only the sound of the creek flowing by.  I watched the clouds dance again.  Me and my lady friends enjoyed this time and place.
We followed the Prairie Creek Trail back to the trail head.  The damage along here from the June flood was astounding!  My heart sank when I saw it but quickly then thought this will be beautiful again one day.  What a day I shared with my lady friends!  Not only is being "out and about" my saving grace but you are too and thank you for being who you are and sharing the day with me.

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  1. Yet another 'WOW' day! Stunning cloud formations! Huggable snowman family! Just love it all.


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