Saturday, August 31, 2013

No passing by the Pass this time!

A few weeks back, I hiked up to the summit of Mount Bourgeau, which was the main destination for the day.  We passed by Harvey Pass on the way there and it looked so inviting, I knew I wanted to come back again and not pass it by but stay and linger.  The opportunity arose to do just that and I went for it!  The weather conditions this time could not have been more perfect.  We were early on the trail, early at Bourgeau Lake, well before the sun came on it but reflections were offered up.
Today the sky was blue with the most amazing clouds.  Some ground cover had even changed to autumn shades over the past weeks.  I cannot imagine there could be a more perfect image then this.  This vision still grabs my attention. 
Lighting was lovely at Harvey Lake
I had to express my happiness for everything about today so far.  It was sunny and warm, my friends were such fun, Mount Assiniboine was visible to her very top peak (as you can see middle left), I was on a high but felt I wanted to get just a little bit higher so jumping for joy did the trick.  This is my destination shot for today.
A few of my friends opted to get even higher and went for some additional elevation by hiking some of Mount Bourgeau.  Not me, I stuck to the Pass to linger.  The back side of Harvey Pass, gave a different view of the Mount.  My friends are dots there somewhere!
I could see off towards the Sunshine Meadows area.
This spot right here will be wonderfully colorful in a few weeks.
It was spectacled in some areas with larch trees yet polluted in other sections.
Even further down the back side and even another amazing view of magnificant Mount Bourgeau.
dance, just dance
the clouds did all afternoon
While waiting for my friends to return from obtaining their additonal elevation gain, I played and played by Harvey Lake.  There was so much to love about this area, I found another way to express it.  Leaving a piece of my heart behind, (just like I did at Cique Peak/Helen Lake area) I will be back to collect it one day.  I did notice while retreating from here, others came along and began to fill there hearts with a piece of my heart.  
Today was "one of those days"!  They happen every once in awhile and I just can't find proper words to portray why it was "one of those days".  It was so easy to "remember to breathe" here which made it no challenge at all to make me feel like I was "on top of the world".

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