Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mount Solomon August 28, 2013 Day 4

I like when the trail head for a hike is right at your front door step just like it was today.   My home away from home for a few days is Black Cat Guest Ranch which is home to the trail head for the hike up Mount Solomon.  After a hardy home made breakfast, we exited the front door and began our hike once through this gate.
The first few kilometers were through a lush forest and prime territory for mushrooms of all sorts.  
mushroom ring
The vegetation itself was a sight to see..... were the bear claw markings in the trees.
As we gained the ridge of Mount Solomon, the views began to open up.  
We could see Brule Lake down below.
If you look closely at the tree covered Black Cat Mountain, you can see the shape of a cat semi-curled and hunching up its back.  I can see it!  Can you?
Zoomed in on Black Cat Guest Ranch for below.
Summit of Mount Solomon
my summit shot
We savoured a packed home made lunch at the summit and enjoyed the views too.  There are lots of hiking options in the mountains beyond which means potential for another visit another time.  We owned the whole trail and the summit today.  It was a peaceful place to be to reflect and rejuvinate.  


  1. I can't wait to do it this Friday I know it's going to be awesome! Thank you for sharing

    1. It should look spectacular in the winter! I wonder if the summit canister will still be there!


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