Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time to Breathe

With a couple of hours to spare mid day, I filled them with spending time at a close by distraction.  Nose Hill was a busy place today, the busiest I have ever seen it.  I really did not expect that but I should not be surprised.  I did not expect it to be as dry as it was either.  Plus, the wild flowers in bloom were a bonus.
View as I exited the parking lot.
I found this trail to follow.
I did not cover as much ground as I had planned to.  
I spent more time admiring the wild flowers.
While I tried to make the wild flowers the focus of my attention, down town Calgary was still in the back of my mind and I could not stop my heart from going heavy every time I looked in that direction.  
As I stood in the middle of Nose Hill and looked west, my thoughts went to all those folks out there....
....and wishing they will all have Time to Breathe sometime soon!


  1. Thanks for the great photos of Nosehill. Not being able to make our regular Saturday hike in the mountains, we opted to bike through the park. With so many other parks flooded, I anticipate Nose Hill will be a busy place and a much needed place to take a break.


  2. With so much beauty all around you, it's hard to imagine so much suffering is occurring just over the brow of the hill.
    I had a similar experience with our floods in January. I was actually enjoying the beauty of the floods in front of our home in the early morning light, but for others, all they saw in the waters was despair as their lifetime memories washed away.


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