Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid June Delights

Mid June opens up many more opportunities for getting high with snow-free conditions.  I was feeling for a place that offered up optimal time on the trail with little time invested driving to the trail head.  I remembered the perfect place that fit the bill, Forgetmenot Ridge!  I put the idea out there and was delighted to have a gang that was just as game as me.  Today was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.  What is trending lately is the chance to introduce a new area to folks who have never been.  Now I find that delightful!

The first open view of the day came mid way up that long steep stretch.
After reaching the ridge our first destination came into view.  
It is the main south summit which is the high point at the far left.   
We first arrived at the rocky knoll and relaxed at the base of it on a sheltered, sunny slope.  
View from on top of the rocky knoll.
Summit Shot #1
With the first order of business taken care off which were solo and group summit shots, we settled down for lunch. The views were such a delight to admire. The clouds surrounded us while the sun shone down on us.  While dining, we could see our next destination.  The sun was moving towards it so we decided to also.  The scenery along the way there was amazing.

view of Nihahi Ridge
a delightful bouquet of prairie crocuses
dainty and delicate amongst rough and rugged
Our second destination was the far right at the end of that arm.
There was lots of cumulus cloud around today.
The good thing was those clouds near us were separated. 
Heading to summit #2 was enjoyable as was being there.  It was my pleasure and such a delight to capture photos of my friends jumping for joy.  They appeared suspended in air in front of the backdrop of Banded Peak, Mount Glasgow and Mount Cornwall.  Out of respect for their privacy, I choose not to post that photo here.  But here is my summit shot #2.
From destination #2, we spotted #3 which is the north summit at the far right end of that arm.  Time was flying and we obviously were too plus so were the clouds.  The delightful blue sky and sun followed us all day and we now knew it was safe to head off for destination #3.  
After capturing our group photo at the summit, I obtained my own summit shot #3.
I love these gigantic cairns!
We beelined from here back along the ridge, gradually descending as we went and reached a sheltered slope near the trees for one last chance to relax, enjoy the views and have a snack.  From here on down, it was smooth descending the steepness.  We attacked the cold wide creek crossing and all safely made it back to the vehicles.  

What a delight-filled day!
The kind I love and make me feel like I am "on top of the world"!

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  1. Alexandra I've been reading and seeing the devastation from the flooding in Calgary and south. I sincerely hope you are safe. It is heart breaking for so many and I hate to think what it has done to the national parks. Ours are still recovering from January's floods. Best wishes, Helen


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