Saturday, April 13, 2013

Success in 2 Hours

That was all the time I had this morning and that was all the time I needed to accomplish two goals!  Goal #1 was to seek out my first crocus sighting of the season.  I knew the place to go because in the past two years I had success here even though it was a week or so later then now.  The grassy slopes of Hanson Ranch are the surefire place to find budding crocus.   

Within five minutes of heading up the hill, I spied a young one.  
It only needs a bit of sunshine to perk up.
The slope was covered in mostly buds but I was able to find a few that were more mature and showed off their vibrant purple shade.  I would say by next weekend this area will have quite the show to offer up.  I spent some time on the ground trying to capture the beauty.  Another thing, due to thick fog, the only things visible were what were right before my eyes. 

 Goal #1 accomplished!
Being on my own, I could take time to play with my SX40HS.  
I worked with getting the color correct, the focus fine, and then shot the subject.  
I left the grassy slopes and aimed for the rocky ridge.  Being very early morning with dense fog and not capable of seeing even in the close up distance, I added some vocals at the corners.  Even though this park is right smack in the city, coyotes do frequent the area and I have seen them at work from a far, stalking and terrorizing.  The fog added a sense of suspense at each corner.
Goal #2 was to test out my new footwear.  After a couple of kilometers hiking up the grassy slopes, along the ridge near the top and scampering over boulders, I already knew my new Verdi's would become part of my arsenal for attacking upcoming treks and adventures.

Goal #2 accomplished!
With my two goals accomplished, I wasn't ready to head home as there was still too much to see.  Well, the fog was still thick and seemed to be getting thicker.  I know there is a view through this window but  today I had to focus on, not the view, but the rock formation and color.  
"Little robin red breast sat upon a rock"
This one was not little!
Maybe it's a she and carrying little ones!
Traipsing through hill and dale led me to the paved path.  
I followed this for a very short time....
...preferring to be in the meadows on the slopes amongst the boulders...
There are homes and mountains between the benches, trust me.
photo at perfection although not a perfect pretty plant
Through the fog, I found the first of many fence poles that would lead the way back to where I came.  
Now two hours later with two goals accomplished, I darted back to my car as the snow began to fall heavily.  Happy not to have a far drive as visibility became very poor.   I'm glad to have today's little "out & about" under my belt already.  It paid off to get out early.


  1. Wow, awesome pictures. In the meantime I also own a SX40 and I'm still practising with it. Still didn't have the opportunity to test the single-colour photos. Yours looks amazing.

  2. Wonderful slides. But are you sure that the flower is a crocus. I believe it's Pulsatilla vernalis. I saw your eccellent peake shots and treks. I'm an hiker and climber in the Italian Alps.

  3. Outstanding photos, Andra. The fog creates a more peaceful, wilderness kind of experience by blocking view of surrounding houses. Thanks for sharing.


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