Saturday, April 27, 2013

Page Day 8, April 27, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 8
Sunrise over Lake Powell
April 27, 2013

This was my last day in paradise, or I mean Page!  I woke, dressed then drove off down Lakeshore Drive to Wahweap Scenic Point to wait for the sunrise. It couldn't have been more perfect.  I wasn't sure what was happening when an arch started to form.  That was a first for me to see.  Then the sun came up!  The start of a brand new day.  I stayed a little while longer to watch the color cast over the land.  The greens were greener and the reds looked redder.  As I turned to go to the Soul, the moon was so close I could almost reach out and touch it.  It was setting and saying good-bye!  I sat on the bench, I felt a bit sad.  It was time to head home, back to reality.   This trip was more then I dreamed it could have been!  I left no sight unseen, I made the most of every moment. I feel fulfilled!   


  1. What a contrast to where you normally hike. The colours and formations so spectacular. Thanks for sharing with your awesome photography.

  2. I was called in today to teach science to 9 year olds. On arrival I was informed that the lesson was on wind erosion.
    Your trip to Arizona was well timed and your photographs have now starred in a Queensland classroom!
    The children were awed by the formations and colours. Their favourite was The Bend.


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