Friday, March 29, 2013

Lazin & Hangin & Meanderin

The forecast was for fabulous plus I knew my friends would be fun and that's all that's needed to make a great hiking day that would include time for lazing around, hanging out and meandering about.  I had completed a portion of today's route a few months back.  Today's plan was to cover Carry Ridge and Forked Ridge.  The last time we did Carry Ridge and Mud Springs Pass.

I hurried down that steep hill because I wanted to arrive at this meadow first to get a photo of the shadows in the snow before any of my friends began to "meadow meander".  I wasn't able to capture this scene before so there was nothing stopping me this time.  This is exactly what I visioned I wanted my photo to look like.
It was only a mere 75 minutes into our hike when we reached the top of Carry Ridge and already felt it was time for lazing around.  We would have two opportunities for summit shots today and this is the first.  
view as we carried along Carry Ridge
The only tough part of the day came after we descended Carry Ridge and meandered through another meadow.  The slope up to Forked Ridge was steep and the snow was deep.  It was a slower ascent up this Ridge.  Now after noon, meant now lunch!  This seemed to be the most appropriate place for lazing around.  I checked my directions from the "purple book".  I swear the writers of these colorful books have their own dictionary. 
After dining, we made our way along Forked Ridge, aiming for the high spot.
This is it!
This is my summit shot!
Not the prettiest and not the openest summit but nevertheless, a summit!
We accomplished some lazing around and meandering about, now it was time for a little hanging out.  It is just a bent tree, nothing more.  It's ugly, it's old.  Hanging out at this tree occupied a longer period of time then any of our lazing or meandering and we even spent longer here then we did when we stopped to dine.  Everyone had a solo turn at that old decrepit tree.  This was as much as I could muster up when it was my turn. 
The only thing left for our hike was the gentle descent off Forked Ridge to the road.  Not wanting it to end, I lingered.  Now I was not ready to be the first.  I stayed back so I could catch my friends performing their "meadow meander".  We made our way off the Ridge, crossed another small meadow, then finished up with a one kilometer hike along the road back to our vehicle.
We were done with the lazing and meandering but not the hanging.  We stopped in at a Black Diamond pub for dinner and a drink.   I went for a little, light beer.  This was just the right amount to quench my thirst.  This was also the perfect place for hanging out and recapping our day and getting caught up on what we didn't get caught up on out on the trial.
Today was a special day to acknowledge in addition to being Good Friday.  


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  1. Happy Easter to you to!
    Have been looking at Easter photos of Sunshine ski resort. The weather is perfect! Such crystal clear skies.


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