Saturday, March 9, 2013

Good Ole Glory Day

Glory Day
resplendent beauty or magnificence

The number of true snowshoe treks I have completed this season don't amount to very many compared to previous seasons.  The choice has been going for browner pastures & ridges.  Today felt like going back to a good ole glory day, a day of snowshoe all the way.  With tonnes of snow, blue sky, warm degrees, no wind, fine friends, long distance, today's ingredients made for quite the glory day.  Oh, how I have missed you!  

Objective:  Kananaskis Lookout

The trail head was at the Boulton Creek Trading Post parking lot.  Our route would be following along side designated X-C Ski trails starting with Whiskey Jack, on to Lookout, then Hydroline, next Fox Creek, finishing on Moraine.  Our ascent took us through the camp ground then along tree lined trails for quite some time before the views began. 
Love for this day began early on.
After making that final turn and exiting the trees, then right in front of us was that resplendent beauty. Ah, glory day!   In the wink of an eye,  there was a lot to take in but before feasting my eyes on all that, I checked out the guest book.  I hope others checked it out also today! It made me smile, maybe it will make you smile too!    
The views begin!
We snowshoed up to the Kananaskis Lookout.  The trail was hard packed.  We removed our snowshoes once at the Lookout and went to the upper deck for unobstructed views.  After flattening  the snow in the back yard, we settled down for lunch, views, sunshine and I took time to "remember to breathe".  It wasn't a difficult task!  I wanted to linger a little longer after lunch but that wasn't to happen today.  
My summit shot in new snow, blue sky, wide open space, big scenery.
Good Ole Glory Day!
...4 degrees... wind...
Instead of returning the way we ascended, we settled on a route that would make a loop.  
We left the Lookout and began our descent, remaining on the Lookout Trail.  
The view back was magnificent.  
This is my favourite photo of the day!
Leaving the Lookout, the first section of trail was lined with trees sporting little icicles. 
The balance of the day was in the trees mostly except for a short stint along the Hydroline.  Even the shortest of elevation we had from here on in, I found tough.  The Moraine Trail led us to the campground and I enjoyed snowshoeing this section, checking out campsites for potential over-nighters.

Glory Day
resplendent beauty or magnificence

There are two other descriptives I can think of that would be fitting to add to the definition.  


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